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In 1984, Shari Hamrick looked in the english/spanish dictionary while on location filming and Alianza  (which means Alliance) kicked off with just one employee and
has had a wonderful 25 year adventure in film and television since then.  The company has evolved through it’s key relationships and alliances formed throughout the years working on everything from “no-budget” to “big-budget”. 

1989-1994  Alianza Films worked with the Deutche LandesbankImperial Bank and several studio clients with 2 film funds.  Film financing structures and International
Co-production and Treaty Tax Credits became the company specialty. 

From 1995-1999, In addition to Film and Television, Alianza’s New York office
became a very busy commercial and music video production company. Along with
co-productions of over 60 episodes of television in Korea and China.

In 1999, Shari Hamrick sold the company to the employees and stayed on as a consultant while she opened Spirit Horse Productions in 2000 with offices in the
U.S. and Australia, with partner Greg Clayton. 

In 2004 they bought back Alianza Films International.  The New York office was
closed in 2005 and reopened in 2008 with another office opening in Wyoming.

In 2008,  an exciting corporate expansion began for Alianza Films International,
when Trevor Richardson and Laura Voss joined the team.  Many new strategic partnerships have been added over the last year and several new divisions have
been launched.

Also in 2008, Alianza Canada Entertainment opened it’s doors in Vancouver, B.C.
and a management division called Richardson, Hamrick & Voss hung out it’s shingle.  With their core bank relationships, Alianza Films now controls their own film financing which carries their current slate of pictures to 2012.

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